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Licensed Medical Massage Therapist

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a focused, completely tailored massage treatment focusing on the acute to chronic needs of our valued clientele. We administer specific techniques that match the psychological and the physiological need of each client, bringing balance to every aspect of life.

What Is Pain & Stress?

Emotional & Mental

Physical Injury/Over usage

Limited Oxygen​

Unhealthy Outlook

Poor Blood Circulation

Limited Productivity/Self Image

"Our services offer more than massage,we encourage life"

Fast and Effective Healing

Trigger point therapy is our specialty! We look to locate the root cause of your pain and quickly bring relief in minutes. Chronic conditions may be addressed with wellness or medical massage as alternative healing treatment to most common issues such as:


Back pain



Sports Injury

Over/Under usage

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Post op 

Why You Should Choose SPIR Therapy 

What makes our massage practice unique is that we assist our clients in many areas of life. For example, we educate people on the inner workings of the body to help them take better care of themselves.


Phone: 4047819288

Email: Spirthe​ra​

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